Step 1 Analysis

We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their goals and challenges. Through a comprehensive and personalized approach, we research our clients’ users and explore the market to identify opportunities and strategies that add value to the project.

Technical Product Audit
Product Functional Analysis
Market Analysis
Brand Look and Feel Analysis
Journey Maps
Field Visits

User Surveys
User Shadowing
Empathy Maps
Project Briefing

Step 2 Ideation

We conceptualize proposals aligned with the conclusions of the previous phase, seeking the solution that best fits our clients’ and users’ purposes. Under a pragmatic and rational approach, we work together to bring innovative, functional, and viable ideas to life.

Hybrid Conceptualization
Rapid Prototyping

Step 3 Develop

We industrialize the proposal, turning the concept into a product. In this process, we are very careful to ensure the materialization of every detail, transforming the vision into a tangible and functional reality. We like to explore and present product alternatives based on manufacturing cost, as a design solution is not good if it is not viable.

3D Modeling
Product Engineering
Brand Application
Graphic Design

Design for Manufacture
CMF Design (Color, Material, Finishes)

Step 4 Launch

We provide support in the manufacturing and commercialization of the product through complementary services that allow for enhancing and maximizing impact and presence in the market.

Product Naming
Art Direction
CGI Animation
Packaging Design

Crowfunding Campaign Management (Kickstarter)